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Everyday Plastic
What we throw away and where it goes. The new report is out now
Photo: © Ollie Harrop 2018. Image courtesy of Everyday Plastic

Photo: © Ollie Harrop 2018. Image courtesy of Everyday Plastic

About Everyday Plastic

During a plastic-riddled coastal run along the Margate coast one September evening in 2016, I started thinking about what my own personal impact was on plastic pollution. How much plastic is in the sea? Is any of it mine? How much rubbish could one person living alone actually produce...?

Following this head-on confrontation with marine and coastal litter, I asked Thanet District Council about what recycling was available to me in my block of flats. The answer? None. Neither at my curb-side nor the local waste management centre.

Given that my the products in my local Aldi are pretty much all packaged in plastic, I found myself stuck between the complete inability of both avoiding buying plastic and disposing of it responsibly.

I decided that for the next 12 months, starting 1 January 2017, I would not throw away any plastic waste I produced. Not a bottle top, piece of bubble wrap, straw, toothbrush, salad bag, coffee lid or clothing label.

Twenty-two bin bags later, the results are as stark as they are shocking. I want to show and share with people what a year's worth of your plastic use looks like. It’s this simple ambition that forms the concept of Everyday Plastic and asks: what is our individual contribution to plastic pollution?

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