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Photo: © Ollie Harrop 2018. Image courtesy of Everyday Plastic

Photo: © Ollie Harrop 2018. Image courtesy of Everyday Plastic

About Everyday Plastic

In 2016, I moved to the coastal town of Margate, Kent. Because of the swathes of plastic I was seeing washed up on to the beach, I’d become more conscious of the massive amounts of packaging I was presented with in the supermarket. Twinned with the fact that I wasn’t offered any recycling at my new home, there seemed to be no way to dispose of my plastic responsibly. So, I decided to conduct a little experiment… and store all of the plastic waste I generated for a year.

After taking 22 bags filled with of plastic out of my spare room, I counted, categorised, analysed and photographed every piece. In 2018, I was commissioned to make a giant mural before co-authoring What we throw away and where it goes - a seminal report based on rigorous analysis of my collection.

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