Everyday Plastic is a Community Interest Company (CIC). As a CIC, all the funds raised and generated by Everyday Plastic will be reinvested into the company to fulfil our mission and vision. Find out more about our manifesto below.


Through education and participation, Everyday Plastic provides the public with a personal connection to the plastic problem, improving understanding and encouraging action.

Core issues

  • Everyday plastic: the abundance of over-packaging

  • The recycling myth: lack of transparency and understanding

  • Disposable culture: Over 2m tonnes of plastic packaging thrown away in the UK every year

  • Plastic savvy: encouraging a wiser and savvier public attitude to plastic and packaging


  • Connection: providing a personal connection to a big and complex problem to help people understand it

  • Community: tackling the problem together as a team

  • Campaigning: awareness and publicity to drive policy and lifestyle change


  • Greater choice and reason for the public to live responsibly

  • A proactive government that develops practical policies based on data

  • More affordable and available alternatives

  • Significant investment and promotion of the circular economy through research, infrastructure and innovation

  • Producers and retailers held responsible for packaging after products leave the shelves

  • A collective responsibility and top-down transparency

We believe that if people have reliable and clear information, they are more encouraged to make responsible decisions and choices, contributing to a more motivated and conscious society.