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Photo: ©Ollie Harrop 2018. Image courtesy of Everyday Plastic

Photo: ©Ollie Harrop 2018. Image courtesy of Everyday Plastic

About Mural-by-the-Sea and StudioTAC

Funded by Dreamland, Mural-by-the-Sea is the brainchild of StudioTAC, a Margate based creative company who built and designed the steel frame incasing the mural. StudioTAC will be curating and organising the commission programme in collaboration with Dreamland and various art institutions.

Mural-by-the-Sea has Margate at its epicentre, focussing on local artists for the first three editions. The net will then be cast to Bristol for the fourth and there will be nationwide open call for the fifth.

The Shoot

Having laid out all of the plastic to the exact size of the billboard, the piece was photographed by Ollie Harrop using a 5m high by 6m wide rig and the items were captured at actual size. The final piece measures 12.5m wide by 4m tall, and such was the volume of plastic, it required 20 individual photos to be taken and then stitched together in post-production by Ian Hall.

Thank you

The Mural-by-the-Sea project wouldn't have happened without a lot of people, many of whom gave up hours, even days to help count, categorise, measure and weigh the whole plastic collection. So in no particular order, big thank you to:

Ollie Harrop Tess Acheson and Andrew Cross at StudioTAC | Ross Walker, Rachel Boot and all at Bon Volks | Rebecca Ellis, Meg Molloy, Nathan Hale and the team at Dreamland Julie Schneider Ian Hall Libby Northedge Richard Heneghan Jim Biddulph Matt Verity Luke Eastop Vanessa Brier Orla Dollman Jo Bridges | Annie Nichols Helen Pitman | Lisa Goldsworthy Rachel Ward Kashmir Flint Kezia Hanson Julie Bloomfield Emma McArthur Julia and Barenda Pretorius Will Hebditch Andy Aitken Jon Morales Cyril's Sandwiches