Talks and workshops

Since I launched Everyday Plastic in 2018, I’m regularly invited to talk to a wide variety of audiences, sharing my experience and what I’ve learned along the way. 

  • Sessions can range from 15-minute talks to 3-hour workshops

  • Relatable and resonant: the global plastic problem told from an individual perspective

  • Communicated simply: I don’t speak jargon… 

  • Understand the issue from political, social and economic perspective

  • Talk about how to approach the problem at home, at school or at work

  • Come away feeling galvanised and ready to make changes

If you’re interested in booking an Everyday Plastic talk or workshop, please contact Dan by clicking the button below.

Schools, colleges and universities

I’ve presented to all school and college age groups, from early starters at primary school to university postgraduates via A Level students. 

I love sharing my story with future generations and helping them to look at the issue from a different angle. Almost without fail, each school age group wants to challenge the status quo and develop innovative solutions. They have a lot to say… 

For younger students (up to year 8), 30-minute sessions work well (around 15-minute talks plus Q&A), followed by individual class workshops if appropriate.

For older students (Year 9 through to university), 60-minute talks allow for a more in-depth discussions with the group.


Whether it’s a lunchtime talk, after-work event or office retreat, I can present the Everyday Plastic story to your entire workforce or to individual teams. These 30-60-minute sessions encourage staff to look at their consumption habits and behaviours at work and at home, and what can be improved in their workplace. 

I can also audit current use of plastic in your workplace and offer regular day-to-day solutions that can be easily switched and implemented.

We can look at ongoing consultancy projects to establish more robust programmes around reducing all aspects of waste as well as wider sustainable business practises.

Festivals and Events

Many festivals and events are expanding their programmes to include talks around sustainability. Everyday Plastic fits into most environments, whether its a keynote speech at a conference, a panel discussion at trade or consumer shows or a low-key Sunday afternoon talk at a festival.


I’m always up for collaborating and I often work with other people focused on solutions around the plastic problem, such as my friend Bettina from Plastic Free Hackney. If you’re interested in working together, please get in touch.

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